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3:44pm 09-16-2014
Cheryl Martin
Hey Tamara! So glad to hear that you are writing your book. Looking forward to reading your journey. I hear you lovely anything sparkly. If so then you'd love Mary Kay's new holiday/fall color line. Whenever you find a moment, in your copious spare time, let's get together and play. Until then have fantabulous days.
8:17pm 06-30-2014
Joanne Imbody
You have a special gift and you are OH SO SPECIAL for sharing it with others. Your humor in the face of such adversity is incredible. You are an inspiration to everyone around you, in person and online. I want a daughter like you. Are you available for adoption?
12:25am 03-27-2013
Praying for you!
10:43am 05-14-2012
Carol Metzgar
Oh my gosh, I am glad I stumbled upon this! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was diagnosed in February with breast cancer and am currently going through chemo, which will be followed by radiation. It's reading inspiration such as this that makes each day a little easier. Thank you again.
11:28am 06-03-2011
I just wanted to stop by and sign this and tell you to stand strong, you can make it through whatever tough times you are going through with enough will - god bless you,
Bloc Hornet
Replied on: 11:47am 06-25-2011

Thank you!

8:14pm 07-01-2010
Andrea Scholl-Finch
I'm so glad that Shellie's facebook link led me to you. Thank you so much for sharing and making me laugh & cry. You've always been such a bright light to those around you. And thank you for re-finding Matt and being the perfect match for him & making him happy. He was a dear friend in H.S. Ask him is he wants to go roller skating. Shellie & I are going to kidnap you one day and hunt for some wanted plants.
5:22pm 05-10-2010
Just got a chance to check on your blog, to find out you would have had the triple dose of chemo yesterday. Will be praying for you as you recover from it. Thanks for sharing!
9:27pm 05-08-2010
Mary Seko
Glad to sign your guestbook, Tamara. I like reading your blog-amazed the strength you have. Look forward to reading your book. You are such a fighter and your amazing sense of humor keeps right on going. God bless!
5:49pm 04-20-2010
Hey Tamara, I haven't seen you in the store (Weis) in awhile, and I figured it was about darn time I checked out "the brunette lucy". Of course it explained why I haven't seen you. I have so much respect for the fight you are fighting! Hang in there! You are a beautiful person inside and out! And... you're a winner. I love how you come into the store with a smile and a positive attitude. It comes out of your pores. I wish the best for you and your Mother-in-law! Love and Hugs, Rebecca
8:48pm 03-08-2010

Hi Tam!
I love the opening today w/ the woman from Michigan who sent your gift in your size! Still great ppl in the world! Sending you love & warm wishes!
5:01pm 03-08-2010
Judy Henderson
Love your blog Tamara! Thanks for keeping us up to date, especially for the purpose of what to pray for!

You're always in my thoughts and prayers!
God Bless!
10:16pm 02-23-2010
Thank you! You are most giving to others. Well wishes to you & your mom in law!!!!!!!
Love you!
7:45pm 02-20-2010
Jared Knight
Eh Yo !
8:04pm 02-09-2010
I love your blog, Tam! So open, honest, & comical. You're an inspiration to all! Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy those wigs!
11:01pm 01-08-2010
Sue Burdock
Thank you for being so brave and strong in sharing your story with us. I am amazed at your strength and the wonderful sense of humor that you can maintain though out this difficult time. My prayers are with you and your family.
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